What can I expect from our session?

Fun! I want our session to be a time when your child feels comfortable and their true personality shines through. I want to capture an authentic representation of your child during this special time. I like to think of it as a “Photo Playdate.” No rules. No weird poses. No awkward props. We just play for about an hour and I get some great pictures!

What should my child wear?

Well, anything he or she likes! Practically speaking, solid colors work better than busy patterns. But if your child loves wearing a tutu and cowboy boots every day, let’s capture it! Bring as many “wardrobe changes” as you like. And feel free to bring any of your child’s favorite items like stuffed animals, blankies, toys…anything that will help them feel comfortable and happy.

How long will our session last?

Our “Photo Playdate” will usually last from 45 minutes to 2 hours. There are no time restraints.

What do you charge?

My fee is $800. Specialty custom items (books, stationery, calendars, albums) are available through special order. Please contact us if you are interested.

A travel fee of $30 will be charged for sessions taking place over 30 miles outside the Austin city limits.

How do we pay?

Your full payment is expected at the time of our session. I accept all major credit cards as well as cash and personal checks.

How do I view my images?

A sneak peek will be on my blog within 24 hours.

Can my session be rescheduled?

I understand that sometimes life happens. Kids get sick. The weather doesn’t cooperate. Please try and give at least a 12 hour notice for rescheduling.